SalesForce Testing

SalesForce Training

  • More than 82,000 companies use SalesForce platform worldwide.
  • Helps to maintain a positive relationship with the customers.
  • Enhanced communication between customers and organizations.
  • Automation of daily tasks.
  • The productivity of the developers would be increased as SalesForce provides inbuilt objects to reduce the development effort.
  • No additional software is required to use SalesForce.
  • Developers can reuse the existing applications through the built-in SalesForce app store named App Exchange. SalesForce also allows the developers to build their own custom applications.
  • Inbuilt reporting mechanism.
  • SalesForce administrator can create internal users within the SalesForce platform.

SalesForce will show the graphical representation of a number of users logged in, tasks assigned to each user and information added to SalesForce.